a [     ] in progress
by Lisa Hofmann

photo: Mattis Cuypers Fotografie

Our Dialating Arcana:
The Realm of Crossed Destinations

w/ Julia Kiryanova and The Alternation Project

THE ALTERNATION PROJECT COLLECTIVE includes Julia Kiryanova (Paintings, tapestry, body designs and concept), Lee Ellickson (mise en scene and concept), Elizaveta Kuzyakova (sound score and performance), Reon Cordova (film compilation), Simone Goslinga (dramaturgy), and performers Antti Uimonen, Lisa Hofmann, Laura Klinkenberg, Tinka Charmant, Eva van der Zand and Mova BoRee Aske

THE EXHIBITION can be viewed from December 8 thru 10, from 2 pm to 5 pm, as well as before and after the performances at 8 pm, and from 9.15 pm to 11 pm.The Warp presents
Julia Kiryanova and The Alternation Project perform Our Dilating Arcana: The Realm of Crossed Destinies. An exhibition of visual art, film, sound and performance December 9 and 10, Friday and Saturday, 8 pm. At the Kunstkapel, Prinses Irenestraat 19.

Over the last two years our image of our world and our place in it has undergone radical change. Never before have we confronted our own lives from such a state of remove and with as dramatic an overview. Between Climate Change, Covid fear and World conflict, we now confront a transformed idea about destiny: for ourselves and the planet. Yet, the world has always tried to grapple with its destiny and one of the most resilient methods for this was found in a deck of cards known as the Tarot...

This project is an exhibition with performance which it seems might only be possible in the unique 360 degree round architectural space which the Warp occupies.