a [     ] in progress
by Lisa Hofmann

photos: anfibiart.com, Stefano Scheda

frei[ ]räume

a performance w/ twoBetween

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/556627500

A PHYSICAL THEATRE PERFORMANCE DUO born during the quarantine of 2020. As we lived the constricted times together in close contact the experience led to a reflection on the themes of modern prison and limitation through and of space. Two people locked into their home forced to share a limited space. Forced to transform their daily life into restricted and dictated situations: A journey through different emotional states isolated from the outer world. An inner and outer daily fight. What does it do to us when we can no longer determine our own (free)spaces? How does a limited space affect a relationship and how does our body language change? How do we defend our boundaries and (re)define our spaces?

The experience resulted in a physical act choreographically developed in an attempt to understand the deepest emotions that concern human behaviour, interpersonal relationships, love, limits, compulsion, constriction. The piece is transposing the feelings emphasised by a lockdown in a „symbolic“ daily life, where restrictions are on one side imposed by major forces and on the other side a product of human behaviour. What are the boundaries in between the constraints that we mentally produce in the life of the love relationship and what are the social constraints or labels that are imposed as major forces by the outsiders? How do these forces affect a relationship? How has the concept of limit changed, in the private and public space?

Idea, creation & performance: Lisa Hofmann & Luzi Madrid Villanueva
Mentor: Carlo Diego Massari

April 2021: Dehon Theatre Bologna (IT) - (Video) Premiere
07.07.2021: Kultursommer Paderborn (DE)
03.08.2021: Danzare il Tramonto Bologna (IT)
04.09.2021:  Kuppelfest Paderborn (DE)
30.04.2022: Paderborner Kultur-Soli (DE)
01. & 02.07.2022: Sommerkonzerte Stadtmuseum Paderborn (DE)

Supported by Art Factory International ANFIBIA // NRW Künstlerstipendium