a [     ] in progress
by Lisa Hofmann
APRIL 2021

photo: Dirk Rellecke

inside out

a solo perfomance

Creation & performance: Lisa Hofmann
Mentor: Lara Russo

A SOLO CREATION based on a movement research with one of my favorite socks as an object. During the research I eventually removed the sock. What remained is something raw and human. Sometimes we find the essence of something when we detach from what we are  actually searching for.

THE OBJECT. Socks are something we (almost) all have in common. They are something very ordinary and human. Also they are something I connect with society, protection, layers on our body. They protect our feed while they prevent us from the feeling of the pure ground under our feet. Socks can be statements, they can get lost, they can be matched and mismatched, they get holes... Taking away the sock and keeping the idea evolves how human they actually are and how human we become through them.

April 2021: Dehon Theater Bologna (IT)
July 2021: FULLHOUSE Performance Paderborn (DE)
September 2021: Kuppelfest Paderborn (DE)

Supported by Art Factory International, ANFIBIA.