a [     ] in progress
by Lisa Hofmann

photo: Lisa Hofmann


a performance w/ twoBetween
Creation & performance: Lisa Hofmann & Luzi Madrid Villanueva
Creation assisstant: Yumi  

A PIECE with one title and two meanings. Describing how time is passing by, the same word can be used to describe a breach of law.

vergehen, verb (engl. pass) intransitive, from time sequences
Vergehen, substantive (engl. offence) an act contrary to morality or the law.

The concept of time and about the sense of community is generally a mental feeling that has as its object the inner bond with fellow human beings. It can include belonging to a family, a tribe, a people or the whole of humanity.
But the fact that humans are dependent on their fellow humans has repeatedly led to abuses in human history. In various manifestations of collectivism, attempts were made to curtail the freedom of the individual by the alleged necessity of subordination to the collective.

10.09.2022: Kuppelfest, Paderborn (DE)

Supported by NRW Künstlerstipendium.