a [     ] in progress
by Lisa Hofmann

ph: Steef Kersbergen 


a long-durational solo performance 

Trailer: https://youtu.be/2zqGy1_gVvA 

A moment of waiting,
a moment to listen.
A moment in time
to hold
the mind
while time is passing by thoughts are flying the sky. Trying to grasp
a moment in time
when leaving the past ready to go
but never to arrive because the future is not this kind of type.
home in the thoughts
not meant to be hold always ready to go
and from time to time
I might stay
at least,
for a little

This solo performance is a journey of insight, where a practice of listening uncovers images that emerge through the internal and external soundscape - creating a constant flow of moving stills. The tension between resting/listening and acting/moving becomes pertinent in this work.

Devision & performance: Lisa Hofmann
Sound creation with:
Feli Navarro
Special thanks to:
Luzi Madrid Villanueva, Clàudia Ferrando & Niki Christofridou

26.01.2024 Uitnacht Arnhem, Rembrandt Theatre - Arnhem, NL